Student feature: Hash One

How did you stumble upon the Pro Performance Course at SAE & what was your intent doing the course?

I had done some research online as to where I could do a DJ course. After reading that DJs Azhul, Ready D and E-20 were the instructors at SAE, the decision to attend the course there became a no brainer. My intent was to learn the basics and better my skills in the craft as well as get some insight on how to best get my foot in the door and become a successful DJ.?

Give us insights on the 8 weeks of training in terms of what was covered and how you navigated through it…

The course started out with a brief history of how the art of DJing came about, leaving me so inspired and even more excited to get into it. Starting with the basic concepts of scratching, the manipulation of music and understanding why it was done, was the perfect foundation for anyone wanting to enter this realm. Moving through the course we were taught counting and timing which are critical when it comes to becoming a good DJ. We learned about all the equipment, the setup, different techniques and how to use these to our advantage when DJing. Knowing the hardware, we were also shown how technology has grown and how we could also use software to do a lot more intricate things to become more interesting and stand out from the rest. All of this, as well as the business side of things, not forgetting the interesting stories and experiences from the professionals and how they would approach certain situations, really gave the class a wide spectrum of what to expect and how to overcome those unexpected problems. A really hands on and insightful course, jam packed with fun-filled memories.

Tell us more about the practical aspects of course? 

The course is a very hands on course, pushing you to actually get to know the equipment used. Like the saying goes’ “practice makes perfect’, with this course that’s exactly what we would do. Practice, practice, practice. Learning what everything is used for and then getting to practice what we were taught on industry standard gear is what makes this course so amazing. A good balance between theory and practical. We had many scratching and mixing sessions. A whole bunch of lessons focusing entirely on getting the hang of and becoming comfortable behind the decks. Learning not only how to do tricks, but also how to to it in different ways. Making mashups, mixes and mini performances with the class as audience allowed us to hone into the skills we were learning.?

What was your initial expectations and were they met?

My initial expectations was to learn the art of DJing and how to get better. These expectations were met and exceeded, as I ended up knowing a lot more than what I thought I would. Those intimate discussions about the life of a DJ in between the actual lessons are what makes this course so amazing.

What were some of the challenging aspects of the course?

I think for me, it was getting rid of those bad habits that I had developed while self-teaching at home, but understanding how to avoid these things and why, made it all easier. I am still working on getting better at this even after the course.

Who would you recommend this course to?

I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to DJ, better their skills or even to those who just want to get a feel for what it’s like and learn from the best. ?


After completing the course are you actively DJing?

Yes, I have had a few gigs after the course and this is when I realised just how valuable attending the course has been to me. All thanks to the amazing instructors, I am now a lot more comfortable and confident in what I do and this helps me to be better and less afraid of getting out there.

Where do you see yourself a year from now?

I see myself playing to bigger crowds, bigger events and pushing my own brand as a DJ/Producer. Making my own music, and showcasing my skills to a wider audience. A year from now I can see myself being a whole lot better than what I thought I would be before attending the course at SAE.

If you didn’t do the Pro Performance DJ Course you would be…

I would definitely still be playing music to myself at home in my bedroom. Still afraid of getting myself out there. My confidence would be nowhere close to where it is right now and I wouldn’t even know where to start in terms of becoming a better DJ. The people I have met during this course have opened doors for me that otherwise would still have been but a thought in my head. My dream is slowly starting to become a reality.

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