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Portia Luma Interview

Portia Luma is a former Scratch Lab student who is on the rise to become of one South Africa’s hottest talent to look out for. We sat down with this talented DJ who’s work ethic, ambition and drive is second to none. With a single out and an album on the rise for 2018 this is definitely her year…

Where did your love for music then DJ’ing start?
My love for music started when I was very young, around the age of 9 years and my passion fpr DJing started at the age of 15.

Tell us about that moment when you decided to take the hobby more seriously?
Wow, it was as if I was joking but had been more serious and determined than ever before, I felt like a huge weight had been taken off my shoulders as this was something I always loved and wanted as a career but at the same time I was anxious and scared, thank you to my team who kept supporting me, a solid support system is vital at such stage and I am grateful to have such as there are times I doubt myself, feel like giving up, feel like I am not doing enough to a point where I dont even notice any accomplishments which is a very dark space to be in.

You were a student at Scratch Lab DJ Training Facility. Why did you decide to do a DJ course – and tell us more about that journey…
I decided to do the course because I am still new at DJing and I need to gain more knowledge and skills. It was incredible the amount of knowledge I received is amazing at the same it was so hectic as I was gigging the whole time having to juggle classes and gigs, being 21st century DJ that I am who knows only the modern equipment used to DJ I got to learn and understand the history of DJing and the equipment that was used then as well as learning to play with the equipment eg turntables & vynils.

While doing the Pro Performance Course you had so many opportunities pop up – how did this come to pass…

By the time I started studying the PPC I had already laid my foundation because I had always been able to market and sell a brand and PPC became the cherry on top as promoters now started booking me because they knew I was attending PPC which is taught by legends who had been in the industry for years.

How important is branding to you and what does your brand represent?

Branding is a very important element of any business and I believe an artist/DJ is a business on its own, it is very important to know where you see your brand/business, so it is very important that you brand your brand according to who you want your clients to be which is exactly what my stands for.

Tell us about your recently released single…

Aaah my recently released single is titled “DANCE INTO ME” featuring the legendary RubyGold (Teka Munike) which tells a story of girl who fell inlove with someone she thought would be the one for her only to find out she was meant for someone else, it is a song that anyone can actually relate to.


Are there plans to release more music and are you actively involved in the production of your music?

Yes, yes, yes, I am currently working on a joint album with Bee deejay due to be released in a few months, yes I am actively involved in the production of my music.

What’s next for you?

My joint album, maybe radio residency and more and more music.

Famous last words..
“If opportunities do not present themselves, create your own”