After already having his tracks played by some of the biggest artists in the world, having it played inside the Beatport Studios Live and being signed to a compilation for one of the worlds biggest record labels “MAD DECENT” and charting Beatport, plus playing virtually all the big music festivals around South Africa, GRIMEHOUSE is without a doubt a fore runner in the South African electronic music landscape. Let’s get inside the head behind the mask…

Tell us home your journey started and your introduction into electronic music?

I heard DJ Quicksilver – Bellisima in my friends older brothers car when I was about 12 and it blew my mind. From that day I went to look for music like that at the “Tape” shops and found stuff like Faithless , Prodigy and became the weirdest kid to everybody else

Give us an insight into the South African electronic scene from your perspective?

There’s never been a better time for the scene. CapeTown is known as the party capital of the world right now, and for good reason. South Africa is booming with nightclubs, business savvy promoters and giant festivals , and it’s partly because of so many talented artists in South Africa making waves for themselves!

Many would argue dubstep is dead what’s your opinion?

It’s dead maybe in terms of popularity on the main stream, but if you truly love music and more specifically a genre of music, it can never “die” to YOU. It was around years before it became popular and it’ll be around many more years, everyone has their taste in music. I for one love dubstep, so for me it’s not dead.

Grimehouse Logo - Black

Tell us about your stellar debut album, Magnum Opus especially the creative process?

It took many years to complete due to my house being burgled and everything stolen from me, all my life’s work. I had to regroup and find new inspiration to start over which wasn’t easy. I tried my best to make this album a “musical journey” , while most guys are just trying to make hits that will be played at the biggest festivals in the world, I find that is music for the short term and with my album, I wanted people to forget about it, and in a few years time , find it somewhere , put it on and the music will still sound like music. Making something that is timeless isn’t easy and I hope that I’ve pulled it off with a few tracks on the album

What was the intent behind the album and how has it been received thus far?

It was intended to express the way I look at the world, the album tells a story and if you listen close enough , in the albums song order , I slowly tell my story, through music, through pianos, violins , vocals and of course bass. Many have criticized it , because it’s not what they would usually expect from me, but as an artist you have to do what makes you happy. Others have really had great things to say about it. I’m grateful to all feedback good or bad. Its art, not a science.

Besides being a DJ / producer you’re also a lecturer at the Pioneer DJ Academy located in Cape Town. How did this come about and what do you guys offer?

A friend of mine for many years in the industry M3zza9 and I decided we wanted to share our experiences with kids on how to build their name and turn their passion into a career. It’s not an easy road for the new kids on the block , I know this and it really helps to have some extra support in the industry be it from us, the teachers, or the big group of friends we created together as past students.

Tell us about, The Pit?

The Pit is my baby, my full live show. Where I get to showcase my own productions coupled with a live guitarist , drummer and vocalists from my tracks. It also features the biggest lighting and visual stage you will for a solo artist show in this country! (I hope you come take a look at the next one)

What’s your feelings about the Cape Town night club scene in contrast to other venues around the country that you’ve been blessed to play at?

For me, If I’m playing to 10 000 people or to 50 people, it’s the exact same feeling. I’m so honoured to be thought of when somebody books a DJ lineup. No matter what city I go to I’m met with friendship, happiness and dancing. They all have their fun points! Joburg is renound for using really weird and original venues, Cape Town’s festivals are amazing, PE have the most AMPED crowds imaginable , I can go on forever

It’s evident that you put a lot of effort into your live shows, social media content and visual presentations. Was this your outlook from the get go or was it something that developed over time?

I never had a great childhood or teenage years, little to no friends and for a few years not even my own room or bed to sleep on, since I’ve been back on my feet and in this industry, I’ve been shown so much love and my faith in humanity has been restored, everything I do now is without any effort because I take all these people supporting me as my friends and I have all the time in the world for them!



We need to know the story behind the mask….

Stage fright. Its getting worse as I get older, the mask helps me cope with it all. When I get too nervous then I close my eyes tight, but the mask helps me hide the fear

Any projects or releases in the near future?

I am taking “The Pit” on a full nationwide tour with Monster Energy, giant plans!

Famous last words…

“Thank you all”