DJ Switch Interview

DJ Switch has come a long way from his days as a b-boy to one of South Africa’s most influential DJs. Winner of numerous awards such as SA Hype Magazine Best DJ For 2009/2010 coupled with his ability to release cutting edge music and creative music videos has led him to be one of the leading forces within the South African hip hop industry. We catch up with him to chat about his latest projects and his opinions on the South African hip hop industry.




Watch DJ Switch Ft. Cassper Nyovest – Ra Phanda Wena Wetsang

Have you achieved what you wanted to with your latest offering, The Switch Up and how has your project  been received?

The Project was received well, I feel lots of people are still about an artist being only emcees and not dj’s so the risk was high but also if I dont do it in this era who will? Now look its the new trend.

What was some of the challenges you faced recording the project and even post release of the album?

I think the biggest is working together with the artist and making the track blow from both parties and yeah the work never stops from the day its released the real work begins 

You’ve been keeping the momentum going with your  BlvckFridaymix concept.  What is it all about?

Blvckfriday is a mix where unknown artist get put on a mix with known artist and these tracks are all local no international artist so i just want to show that the talent with everyone is there but the gatekeepers are blocking the real talent from coming through so I hope this will do the job and people can use it as a platform

As a DJ that frequently travels around South Africa what’s your opinion on the state of South African hip hop (rap) currently and DJ’ing irrespectively?

The music is good I cannot lie playing certain songs in foreign environments really make me feel happy that hiphop songs are getting the recognition it deserves and all the hustle that went behind it 

hiphop is really back and here to stay I don’t think it will just be a phase this time as long as we keep introducing new blood

Is there a market in your opinion for South African DJ albums seeing that the rap aspect in South African hip hop has been so dominant  over the past 5 years?

Well it will take the same time that the rappers did until all djs stand together then we will be able to sell and go gold and so forth 




The Red Bull Campus Clash has been an event that you’ve been involved with since inception.  What’s your role and what’s it all about?

I love Red Bull campus clash it reminds me of my hustle back in the day when I wasn’t even on campus and its good to see the new talent thats on the rise without these events djin will die a sorry death with all the technology thats out, I’m the official Mc on the tour and basically its a real dj contest where djs need to rock the crowds and they win by vote with whatever they do. We then take them to the Red Bull studios to take them through the IN’s and OUTs of the industry and how they can surpass their peers just with a few changes wheather you play house or hiphop the professional aspect is all the same 

What are some of the notable changes that you’ve seen since coming up in the DJ scene?

No more battle djs which got me excited, and everyone wants to be one to make a quick buck or claim to fame but no one can innovate the scene and break new tracks and the owner still controls the music in clubs

What does DJ’ing mean to you?

For me djin is really to provoke emotion to take you on a ride of your favourite genre and make you fall in love with it all again like why you started clubbing or started listening to music or why you recited all the words from the song but not your school work

So what’s your 5 sure shot tracks at any party?

All i do is win – DJ Khaled

Saga – Anatii

Doc Shebleza – Cassper Nyovest

Sister Bertina – yeah that guy 

All eyes on me – AKA

Any new music or projects that we can look foward to?

Releasing a new track with Tumi (Return of the King) with Youngsta and NastyC (watch out for him) and working on another mixtape

Famous last words…

You need to see the INVISIBLE in order to do the IMPOSSIBLE.

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