DJ Rollstoel Interview

A young local Cape Town son and former Scratch Lab DJ training Facility student born with a musical ear from humble beginnings. This talented DJ is wheelchair-bound and is currently a full time student at SAE Cape Town but his journey began at KUE Academy which led him to debuting on the airwaves such as Good Hope FM and Bush Radio. He has made a number of appearances as a special guest DJ on Dr’s in the house on Good Hope FM hosted by the legendary Doc Jules.

Give some insights as to how your DJ career started and some of your earlier influences coming up?

My interest to become a DJ all began by watching and tagging along with my father when he used to do mobile DJing back in day. This interest also developed through listening to influential DJ Superfly, DJ Ready D, DJ Hayden and Dr Jules.

Was it always your intent to pursue a career as a DJ and what were your expectations at the time considering the physical challenge your faced it?

I never intended to make a career out of DJing I always saw DJing as a hobby due to the physical challengers that I faced as I am a wheelchair – bound.

What was your motivation for doing a DJ course firstly at kUe Academy then SAE’s Pro Performance Course conducted by the Beat Bangaz?

My motivation for joining a DJ school was because at the time I needed some insight on how the DJ industry works because I was making use of a DJ software and wanted to play on CDJs. That being said a brotherly friend had told me about kUe DJ Academy. I also joined a DJ course at SAE because I wanted insight on DJing from another angle and to learn from the legendary Beat Bangaz.


With having insight’s into DJ’ing already and having attended a DJ course before was it worthwhile doing another DJ course and what are some of the things you got out of it?

Yes I would say it was worthwhile because there was a constant development in the scene and I kind of drifted from the latest updates and doing another DJ course help me get back on track with latest updates on equipment and how one can mix up the beat matching with various variations.

What’s your long term vision for yourself?

My long term vision I see myself continuing in the DJ scene and taking it to greater heights by implementing music production. I would like to work with both international and local artist on a music production and create future bangers. I would also like to pass on my knowledge to aspiring artists and DJs and assists them in the industry.

In a cut throat industry coupled with all the negativity that comes with it how do you navigate through it coupled with what other would deem a ‘disability.’

I try to find positivity and constantly remind myself why I started. I started because I am a living example and an inspiration that the disability has the ability.

What inspires you and in the same breath what do you despise?

I am inspired by people that beats all odds to follow their passion. I am despised by people that look down on others and kills their dreams and desires.

A little birdie told us your next step is production?

Yes that’s correct I would like to direct my music journey on a production path

What can we expect at a party that DJ Roellstoel plays at?

You can expect to be inspired and you can expect to feeling entertained as I take you through a musical journey

Famous last words….

Never give up, keep your hustle game strong. Use your passion to make it happen.