Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How do I register for a course?

Our facility is open 8pm – 6pm with help in registration on site though we advise a booking to take participants through our facility and what we have to offer.

How much experience do I need to take a DJ course?

None. We invite parties to meet with one of our instructors of an assessment of skill level – placing participants in appropriate course.

What musical genres do you teach?

All our techniques, approaches are geared towards all styles of music.

I don’t want to do a full course. Can I do private lessons or drop in sessions on certain aspects that I want to concentrate on?

Yes you can. It’s subject to availability of instructors thus bookings are essential.

What do I get after completing a course?

Students are provided with a manual as well as a resource DVD and certification upon completion of course. We also arrange for students to do a practical in the field from radio, club or community event.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes we do. Arrangements can be made to pay any given course off provided a deposit is paid.

I’m a DJ already and just want to practice on latest equipment, is it possible?

Yes though bookings are essential. Practice sessions are R250/h supervised.

Do I need my own equipment to do course?

Students can book to use our practice rooms to develop their skill set at R250/h but it’s advised to purchase the relevant equipment or software.

Will you get me a job after I finish any courses?

We are not a vocational institution so NO.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we offer discounts to students who want to buy selected Pioneer products and to students who recommend 2 or more potential students who signs up for a course.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes we do – it can be purchased online or by contacting the relevant contact numbers.

Do you offer team building sessions?

Yes we offer team building solutions for corporates designed and developed by a qualified trainer in partnership with our facility.

I want to sponsor a course is it possible and how do I go about it?

Yes it’s possible to sponsor a course for individuals or groups. Contact the relevant contact details on the website.

Contact Details

Address: 3rd Floor, Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock, SA, 7295
Contact: SAE Cape Town
Tel:  +27 (0) 87 351 0828
Fax: +27 (0) 86 212 5459