Portia 2

Portia Luma Interview

Portia Luma is a former Scratch Lab student who is on the rise to become of one South Africa’s hottest talent to look out for. We sat down with this talented DJ who’s work ethic, ambition and drive is second to none. With a single out and an album on the rise for 2018 this […]

New Scratch Tutorial – The flare scratch

DJ E20 & Grand Master Ready D breaks down The Flare scratch which is an open fader scratch. This scratch which single handily changed the turntablist land scape was invented by DJ Flare and has variations. Let’s break it down. Download all lessons FREE to any mobile/smart device at mobi.beatbangaz.co.za Tweet


Lance Theron Interview

Lance Theron is a versatile, multi-faceted DJ from Cape Town, South Africa who has been DJing for 15yrs in and around the country as well as abroad. A great entertainer with an instinctual ability to read crowds and adapt to any genre of music needed to entertain his audience. He has just released his debut […]


DJ Switch Interview

DJ Switch has come a long way from his days as a b-boy to one of South Africa’s most influential DJs. Winner of numerous awards such as SA Hype Magazine Best DJ For 2009/2010 coupled with his ability to release cutting edge music and creative music videos has led him to be one of the leading […]


DJ tutorials teaser…

Always wanted some scratch lessons by Grandmaster DJ Ready D or Beat Bangaz…well here’s a taste of what to expect by our instructors when they launch their mobi – site with their exclusive scratch tutorials which will be available to download for FREE – more info to follow at www.beatbangaz.co.za The mobi site will have these types of […]


Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference

Come join us and delegates from across the continent for our fourth annual Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference where you will have the opportunity to connect and network with the sharpest minds in the industry and meet some of the most exciting artists in Africa. Exchange and share ideas while learning about the business of music, the […]

Edison processors have the ability to replace laptops…

  Edison processors have the ability to replace laptops, and this new technology could make the laptop obsolete for the DJ performance. The modern DJ booth setup with the laptop is a recognisable tech display at any given gig or club. The laptop rests on a raised platform, spewing cords into the various pieces of […]