Dave Mac – IDM Mag – Interview

Dave Mac has been involved in various aspects of the music industry for almost 20 years. He started DJing in 1997 and is one of Cape Town’s best known psytrance DJs who you will still find on many of the major festival line-ups every year. Dave also started a production duo with Martin Treurnicht aka DJ Hoover […]


DJ Avrah Interview

Tell is how it all began for DJ Avrah? I was a dancer growing up, and that was my first connection to music. Coming from a ‘non-musical’ family, I never really considered myself to have any form of musical ability. But, finally my curiosity got the better of me, and I plucked up the courage […]


DJ Shameless Interview

Where did it all begin for DJ Shameless? Although I only became interest in the artform in 2005, I’ve been an avid collector of music since the early 90’s. I started learning how to scratch on a single turntable, without a mixer on the lounge floor of a friends place. It was only 2 years after […]


Roger Interview

Roger Adrian Williams is a multiple award-winning artist from Cape Town, South Africa. His work ranges from funky street-style masterpieces to sleek, high-end design implements. By day, he has the advertising industry locked down with witty, colourful and thoughtful illustrative works. Come night time, Roger is up and about adding visual flavour and finesse to […]


The Rudeman Interview

Rudy Adams aka The Rudeman grew up in Cape Town and began collecting vinyl in the early nineties. His passion took a firm hold of his destiny and after working up the DJ club ladder he moved to Johannesburg to open another branch of Syndicate Records. Shortly after that project he opened his own DJ […]

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Waxon Interview

Tell us about your early musical influences and what led you to become an avid record collector? My father, my sister and my general environment were probably my biggest earliest musical influences. My father is a pretty stern man but music was the only thing that would softened him up a little. He’d become quite […]


DJ Juice Interview

Tell us how your love for hip hop started specifically the DJ element and why you gravitated towards that? I was about 10 yrs old and started a rap crew with my brother Asaph Alexander and neighbour/childhood friend Nigel Morkel(Afro Z) called Vise Versa, we performed P.O.C’s dala flet as it was the only track […]

Studio Scratches

Interview with Studio Scratches

Where did your love for DJ’ing specifically turntablism begin? Back in 1999 I started learning how to mix house music on a friends turntables when I was at University. I got my own setup in 2000 and had seen a few people doing simple scratches. What really kicked it off was my bro played me […]


No Pay No Play

I want to share my thoughts with you that relates to money, ching, moola, zak, miering, imali, loot or what ever you choose to term this schizophrenic necessity. The daunting question is – can I survive doing what I love and in this case, can we get paid being a DJ, musician, producer or Hip […]


Interview with DJ B-Side

As one third of the VJ collective, Reel to Real, DJ B-Side is one of those enigmatic characters who’s really passionate about taking video mixing to the next level.  As a DJ who started out in the early 90’s with residencies at Cape Town based clubs like Comic Strip,  Brown’s Café to legendary events like […]