DJ Juice Interview

Tell us how your love for hip hop started specifically the DJ element and why you gravitated towards that? I was about 10 yrs old and started a rap crew with my brother Asaph Alexander and neighbour/childhood friend Nigel Morkel(Afro Z) called Vise Versa, we performed P.O.C’s dala flet as it was the only track […]


DJ Ready D’s Big Air Society project

After his production contributions for critically acclaimed groups such as P.O.C, BVK and doing music for TV/ Film and various artist, Grand Master Ready D decided to revisit his B Boy roots. The album captures the heart and soul of Hip Hop’s foundation and Battle Breaks combining DJ Ready D’s Turntablist scratch acrobatics. The project […]

Studio Scratches

Interview with Studio Scratches

Where did your love for DJ’ing specifically turntablism begin? Back in 1999 I started learning how to mix house music on a friends turntables when I was at University. I got my own setup in 2000 and had seen a few people doing simple scratches. What really kicked it off was my bro played me […]


No Pay No Play

I want to share my thoughts with you that relates to money, ching, moola, zak, miering, imali, loot or what ever you choose to term this schizophrenic necessity. The daunting question is – can I survive doing what I love and in this case, can we get paid being a DJ, musician, producer or Hip […]


Interview with DJ B-Side

As one third of the VJ collective, Reel to Real, DJ B-Side is one of those enigmatic characters who’s really passionate about taking video mixing to the next level.  As a DJ who started out in the early 90’s with residencies at Cape Town based clubs like Comic Strip,  Brown’s Café to legendary events like […]


Interview with DJ Willy

DJ Willy, recent winner of the annual Best Club DJ is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s most underrated all round DJ’s with countless club gigs as well as DJ titles under his belt. As a resident DJ on one of Cape Town’s biggest commercial radio stations, Good Hope FM, this humble DJ has already carved […]


Interview with DJ Eazy

DJ Eazy thank you for taking the time out to make time for this interview. Firstly congratulations on your show on Good Hope FM. Tell us how did this come about and what exactly is your show Mix Revolution all about? Thanx, Mix Revolution is a new late night specialist show that Good Hope FM […]


Digging in the Crates (Part 1)

All of us had our own first introductions and encounters with Hip Hop. Some of us remember that song or the moment that turned our world on its head and made it spin like a B Boy doing bullet head spins. This is a short list and breakdown of some tracks that influenced and shaped […]


Interview with DJ Ruthy Pearl

Ruthy Pearl you’re fast becoming a sought after DJ playing at events like Classics, Snap Back, Kick Back. Where does your journey as a DJ begin? I guess I’ve been preoccupied with music all my life and have been studying it since I was quite young. I always knew I wanted to pursue a career […]

raaiko (1)

Interview with DJ Raiko

First of congratulations for being part of the team to an emcee who recently won the South African Music Awards namely Khuli Chana. You have been actively backing rappers like Ben Sharpa & Jaak both affiliated to Pioneer Unit, how did you become part of his team and how does this experience differ to past […]