Company Profile

The Scratch Lab DJ Training Facility is the brainchild of Africa’s pioneering DJ collective, The Beat Bangaz (Ready D, E-20 & DJ Azuhl), who with a collective experience that spans more than 30 years now runs this unique DJ school.


Our vision is to be a globally competitive DJ Academy second to none on the African continent, accessible to all aspiring DJs through our methodology of teaching and training.


Our mission is to offer quality education which is relevant to the current DJ climate with traditional DJ approaches and techniques which is thoroughly professional and affordable.


  • DJ Kitty
  • Nigel Jaxx
  • Celeste Mitchell
  • Ruthy Pearl
This Kitty loves to Dance! Scratch Lab The period of my journey which stands out for me wa the time at Scratch Lab doing a beginners course which not only teaches you the scratch techniques but also the history of dj’ing and scratching, theory which is important and also to understand the art, the love for music, how all past djs started learning the skills and applying new techniques, sitting days and nights perfecting their art to bring enjoyment to the masses. That for me was the interesting parts, to learn where it all started, how it has developed and where we are today. Scratch lab equips you with the necessary basic skills to learn the art, but the you as individual take those skills and apply it to develop your own style and creativity! I highly recommend Scratch Lab so you can get a better understanding of dj’ing, how to market and manage yourself, your gigs, how to act and behave so you can be seen as professional, networking methods, building contacts for business purposes and all the small details we sometimes overlook. It’s not only about dj’ing, but everything that goes with it. Get yourself down to Scratch Lab, u won’t regret it!!!
Attending the Scratch Lab has helped me enhance my DJ skills with the most experienced and seasoned facilitators, offering you more than just a fly by night course. Scratch Lab offers a 360 degree spin on the industry being so cut throat and preparing you to take your game to the next level. Scratch Lab offers the best industry standard equipment for you to become accustomed to having peace of mind that you can walk into any club or party and work your magic on the decks. Experience it now!
My experience at The Scratch Lab was nothing short of amazing. Not only was I in the company of Hip Hop Pioneers and legends but they imparted their knowledge of their skills upon me unselfishly and with great patience. The favorite part of my week has always been the days at the Scratch Lab. Not only was I given the right amount of 1 on 1 attention when needed, but long lasting relationships were built and now, the Scratch Lab teachers will always be a part of my progress as their lessons dont end when the course is over. They always available to offer advise and that is something I deeply admire about everybody involved in The Scratch Lab. I look forward to my advanced lessons as I will definitely be coming back. A huge thank you to all the DJ’s for helping me turn my dream of being a turntabilist into reality. You will forever be appreciated.
Learning at the Scratch Lab was truly a life-changing experience for me, especially because I entered as a total beginner. When you walk in there are no egos and there is no intimidation, only passionate, open-minded DJ’s waiting to educate, support and encourage you on your journey. Definitely one of the best choices I’ve ever made.